Nicole Pauley


Anyone that knows me knows this is soooo out of my comfort zone! I think Savannah Ellis could tell too when we first began the shoot.
Honestly the way Savannah would react after getting “the shot” is what made me relax and keep going. I got so into the shots and felt 
sexy, confident, and fierce! I felt so comfortable in my own skin by the end of it, which was a feeling I had been missing for a long time!
I walked out of the studio with this newly found sense of self love and I finally understood what Lizzo and all those quotes meant by
 it. I hadn’t even seen any of the photos yet and I still felt so beautiful.
For those debating on this...do it! There is no better time than now since society is FINALLY learning to love women for what we’re worth.



Amber Curtis

From the moment I joined the group I knew I wanted to shoot with Savannah Ellis. Meeting her the day of my shoot and Shelby 
I felt as if we had been girl friends for years. She is the most down to earth girls girl. Her eye for the shot and creativity
 blows my mind. Not once was I ever nervous, she guided me through every shot and did such an amazing job. It was literally a 
day I will never forget and I will for sure be going to her again in the future. Savannah all the applause goes to you girly for
 you’re magic you make each of us feel. The emotions that come over us when we see our pictures I know brings you the greatest joy. 
You build us up everyday. So here’s to you girl.


Keisha + John

Absolutely loved you! You made us feel so relaxed and like we were goofing off in our own home with no one around and just 
magically came out with pictures lol everyone compliments all the time on our photos and how naturally intimate and un-posed
 they look which is exactly what I wanted! I cant wait for our woman empowerment shoot this summer!

No Image


Y'all!!! I had horrible nerves. I had a few encouraging drinks at 9 am. I'm a plus size woman with a lot of confidence with MY husband 
and closest friends/family. BUT... my shoot with Savannah this morning was more than I could have wished for. To be half naked, 
in your most vulnerable state with body image, I can 100% say that I had the BEST experience. There is a difference in being confident in your 
surroundings and stepping outside of your comfort zone And I can say my comfort zone was broadened today. This is a check off of my bucklist. 
Be proud of who you are and dont let your flaws fail you. We all have them.


Ilka Palmer

After four shoots down and I am still in awe at Savannah's talent. It amazes me how much time and kindness she puts into each shoot. 
I definitely find them to be a confidence booster and my husband loves the finished product. Highly recommend!


Jill Mitchell

"If any of y’all are on the fence about booking a shoot, DO IT! Do it NOW!

Savannah Ellis and Shelby Miller made me feel so beautiful and so comfortable today. I have always struggled with body dysmorphia and insecurities but today all of that vanished. I woke up nervous and even second guessed myself on the way to the studio but I had an absolute blast. I think every woman should feel as gorgeous and sexy as I did today. I also discovered a new love for fishnet anything. I left with a butt load of confidence and honestly I can’t wait til' I get to book another shoot.

I 10/10 recommend Savannah for all your boudoir needs. I promise, it’s worth it".


Shelby Scaife

"I was crazy nervous about this photoshoot. I had never done boudoir before, and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.
Let me just say, Savannah Ellis made me feel absolutely stunning! I was 100% comfortable and didn’t feel any judgement whatsoever. She expressed how pretty she thought I looked after every click of her camera, and it made me feel like a QUEEN. My album was amazing as well. I’m obsessed and will definitely be doing another shoot in the near future. It brought out so much confidence and I seriously had so much fun the entire time. If you’ve been contemplating, BOOK THE SHOOT!!" -Shelby 


Victoria Costner

"This!! This right here! I can not begin to explain the Confidence Savannah helps you see for your very own eyes! I went back and forth for almost year before i had the opportunity to have a session with her. Sav is the biggest hype friend EVER! During our session when she showed me the first behind the camera magic I sat on floor in tears almost! The both of us had to get a GRIP! Almost frozen, I just could not believe my eyes…to have the chance to see yourself how others see you is honestly life changing…we always see the worst in ourselves 😩 Savannah changed that! Becoming a wife and mother to four kids at such a young age really took a negative affect on my body (in my eyes) in the crucial years of becoming a women. I seriously wish I could say a million more words to explain my experience but I don’t think there are any to compare to the way i feel in the inside! Savannah girl thank you so much for the LOVELY work you do! Thank you for making me feel beautiful thank you for me feel comfortable and thank you for the opportunity!" -Victoria 

Marie Anderson


"I had been a long time lurker of this page lol but never thought I would have the courage to do this myself. Back in March, Savannah posted a model call and I was like what the hell. I’ll enter. It’s not like I will get picked for it, but to my surprise she did pick me! I was nervous for months leading up to this shoot. All the thoughts ran through my head… what are you doing??? You’re body isn’t the type of body that does this sort of thing. Then the day comes and I show up and Savannah literally eased all of my nerves away. She’s so easy to talk to and she knows EXACTLY what she is doing. She literally told me exactly how to pose including my face. Hyped me up the entire time and made me feel like a badass. I left that place with a whole new outlook on myself. I felt more confident, sexy, beautiful. Definitely got me out of the funk I was in after having my daughter. So, if you’re like me and think you’re body type isn’t the right one for this… YOU ARE WRONG!!! Savannah will make you feel so beautiful in your skin. DO THE SHOOT


no image:

"I had my session this past year with Savannah Ellis and I don’t think I can ever say enough about how awesome it was. I have always been insecure about myself. I am a bigger girl but wanted to do this cause I saw how she can make any shape, size and color girl look her most amazing. I have uneven size breast like 2 completely different cup sizes but she knew how to pose me to make me look good and how to highlight everything amazing and hide what made me most uncomfortable. You would not be able to tell in most of my photos that they are uneven as they are but by the time I was towards then end of my shoot I didn’t even worry about to anymore I felt so good about myself I let it be seen cause that is a part of who I am. She makes 💯 sure you are comfortable the whole time.  I enjoying showing my other friends my pictures and how they turned out. People always say it looks like me but at the same time I look different in a good way. Like there is a confidence in me they didn’t see before. 
And Shelby she can work wonders cause my hair has never looked that good nor my makeup. It was still looking good the next day so I just touched up my foundation a little and ran my hands though my hair and went to work. Half the people I had worked with for the past 3 years had to do a double take cause they were expecting to see me sitting where I was but there was this much more done up woman there. I got so many compliments that day on my hair and my makeup it was unreal. I wish I had a fraction of the talent she has. 
These two women come together and make a girl just feel amazing about everything. You feel so great about what you look like and who you are as a person when you leave at the end. If you have never done this don’t wait to lose 10 more pounds or a special occasion. Waking up each day is special cause no one is promised tomorrow. So make the appointment, keep the date, do the pictures , and you will be so happy you did!" - Kimberly