What to Expect from your Boudoir Session?

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Never done a Boudoir Session before? Nervous about what really happens during your session? Below I'm going to breakdown what happens during your session!

A boudoir session is a 2-3 hour long empowering experience! You sit back and get your hair and makeup done, once your hair and makeup is done we figure out what to put on first and start the session! Don't worry, I show you step by step how to pose and more!

Once your session is over, you can change back into your comfy clothes and head home! Then we meet back in about a week for your Viewing Session! If you're out of town or in a last-minute circumstance we can also do a Same Day Viewing Session, so you'll go to lunch for about an hour and come back and we will have your Viewing Session the same day as your Session!

While viewing your images, I will show you my Collections again to choose which collection you'd like to purchase and I will show you a selection of Albums and Wall Art! Once you pick out your Collection and pick out your favorite images for your Collection, depending on the Collection you choose we design your album, and chose the images for the Wall Art and more! Before you pay for anything you will be signing a final sale contract, stating you agreed to these items and are agreeing to paid for your chosen Collection! Once everything is chosen, you put down a deposit for your collection. If we set up in-house payments you'll pay a percentage (30%) of the Collection that day and we will create Weekly, Biweekly, or Monthly payments until you're paid in full, or you can pay in full with PayPal Credit, Credit or Debit Cards.

Once the Viewing & Ordering session is over you're able to go home and anxiously wait for your items to get here!

**Please Keep in mind that you will not receive any Collection items until you're paid in full!

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