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Want to plan a Styled Boudoir Shoot?

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

First of all... What is a styled shoot? A styled shoot is a session that is planned around one style or object! For example if you want to do a session with your spouses Motorcycle we will plan your entire shoot around that Motorcycle; with leather lingerie, thigh high leather boots, leather jackets, the options are ENDLESS!

Everything from Outfit, Shoes, Accessories, Location, and Hair and Makeup is carefully planned! Another example is style wise; say your style was Vintage inspired or Edgy/Gothic we can plan an entire shoot around that too!

Do you have a spouse that is obsessed with his vehicle, motorcycle, plane? A spouse that is a Chef, Artist, or Athlete? Or if YOU have an obsession with glitter we can style your session to incorporate that into your shoot too!

Lets plan an AMAZING styled shoot together all you have to do is ASK! I LOVE styling different shoots!

Contact me by going to the MEET THE PHOTOGRAPHER page, fill out the form and click submit! Or you can email me at

Check out some of the Styled Shoots we have done before, below!

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