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Top 10 Excuse's Women use to keep themselves from a Boudoir Session!

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Here are the Top 10 EXCUSES I hear the most from my clients and here's what I think about them!

1. I need to lose weight first.

This is the most common excuse we hear for why someone won't book a boudoir session. Your shoot is about so much more than the number you see on your scale. It's my job to make you comfortable so I can capture your genuine laugh, the sparkle in your eyes, and all the other quirks that make you, "YOU". Besides, expert posing, lighting, lens choice, wardrobe, and image composition; I will having you looking AMAZING! Like I said before, I've got you! You are not defined by your size, so don't let it keep you from feeling good about the incredible woman you are! PERIOD!

2. I'm not young enough for that.

The more years you've lived, the more you have to celebrate! I have photographed women of all ages, and quite a few of my all-time-favorite shoots have fallen into the 50+ age bracket. There is a certain sensuality and confidence that comes only with age, and even though you may not be as toned or taut as you once were - it honestly couldn't matter less. I will guide you through wardrobe selection and posing that will highlight your best assets and capture that spunk that has only gotten stronger with age!

3. I shouldn't spend the money on myself.

Think of it as an investment in your self-confidence. I especially hear a lot of moms feeling guilty for spending time and money on themselves instead of their kids. I'm a big believer that you can't pour from an empty cup, and that it's important for kids to have a mom that is comfortable in her own skin and loves and accepts her body. Wouldn't you want your kids to be able to love and accept their bodies without self-criticism and doubt? An investment in yourself IS an investment in your family. Not only that, but these portraits will likely be one of the only things you purchase this year that actually appreciate in value over time.

4. I don't have anything sexy to wear.

Well, going full on birthday suit IS an option... But seriously - a boudoir shoot is not about the shopping or reinventing yourself into who you think you "should" be. While it can be a fun excuse to buy some new bras or panties, my favorite way to photograph a woman is in her favorite everyday outfit. Even if we deconstruct it a bit (think: your favorite PJ T-Shirt), your photos should reflect exactly who you are, and part of who you are is what you like to wear and feel comfortable in. PLUS; we have a huge Client Closet for you to find something sexy, kinky, glamourous, whatever you want!

5. I don't do lingerie.

Who said you need lingerie? As I mentioned above, the best outfits are those that are true to your identity.

If lingerie isn't your thing - let's figure out what your version of "sexy" is. Maybe it's your spouse's oversized shirt - or maybe it's a sports jersey, Mario Kart T-shirt, tank tops, you name it. You really can't go wrong with the basics - a white tank top or a black dress can be as sexy as thigh highs any day.

6. I don't want my pictures on the internet. period.

This is another one I hear a lot. I take your privacy very seriously, and only share images with 100% consent of my clients. We understand that doing a boudoir shoot is an incredibly personal endeavor, and you are in complete control of where your images exist after your shoot.

7. I don't have anyone to give it to / my spouse wouldn't approve.

While some women do book a shoot to give as a gift to their partner, every woman agrees after doing the shoot that it was actually a gift to herself. My studio is a safe-place, comfortable judgement-free zone in which you will have the opportunity to feel beautiful and valued. This shoot is really only about one person - YOU!

8. I'm just not "sexy".

Not a single woman comes into my studio knowing how to "look sexy" for their boudoir shoot or knows how to do "the look". This will be the most guided experience of your life. It's not your job to know how to pose; it's my job to know how to coach you. All the women you see in our gallery are regular gals, they are not models, and they are not any different than you. If you bring me your authentic self and a few of your favorite items of clothing, I will show you how sexy you already are!

9. I have NO idea how to do my own hair and makeup.

I count myself lucky to work with trusted local makeup artists on every single boudoir shoot we do! I believe having professional hair and makeup is a key component of your shoot, which is why it is included in your session fee. You will spend the first hour of your experience getting your hair and makeup to best accentuate your features and reflect your personal style.

10. I can't afford it.

This is another big one. Boudoir is a luxury experience so you can expect a luxury price tag! This is an industry that is big on "You get what you pay for." BUT, that shouldn't stop you from having this experience too! We know, especially in this world, not everyone has the funds upfront, that's okay!

I can create easy payment plans for anyone! I make it as easy and affordable as possible! Just choose a package/item and I will send you all of your options with exact amounts. PayPal also has an option for PayPal Credit that you can apply for! It is interest free for 6 months that you can pay off on your OWN time! My goal is to have all of my Boudoir Queens experience a Boudoir Session! Just reach out so we can chat about ALL of your options!

So what's stopping you? Why aren't you booking your session?

Email me to book! or go to the Contact Me link!

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