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The 4 biggest MYTHS of Boudoir Photography!

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Myth #1: My Photos will be all over Social Media.

NO! As my Client it is solely YOUR CHOICE! Your body, your choice PERIOD!

I can't stress this enough, if you don't want your images posted, they will never be posted. Each client will sign their own Contract and at the bottom of the Contract you have the option to choose if you allow to have your images posted or not! I will always abide our contract!

Myth #2: Boudoir Sessions are a one time thing:

NO! NO! NO! I cant tell you how many clients I see yearly, or even twice in one year! Book a session after your big weight loss journey, book a session for you future hubby/wifey, book a session FOR YOU. Boudoir Photography is such a powerful tool in your self-care/self-confidence journey.

Myth #3: Boudoir is only a gift for your hubby/wifey.

WRONG. This is so wrong and quite frankly I am so sad that most of you believe this!

While many of my clients are brides/groom who come to me for a Bridal Boudoir surprise for their groom/bride on wedding day, it’s not always the only reason women request a boudoir session. I love it when a client tells me that she’s doing this for herself because she wants to look back on these images 10, and 20 years from now and say, “Wow, I looked hot!” Some of my clients have just made this INCREDIBLE weight loss journey and they want to celebrate! They want to celebrate a body THEY ARE PROUD OF! I also have Mom-to-be's, they want to remember the body that created life! Plus weird or not your hubby/wife may find you more attractive when you're child bearing, so document that sh*t Momma! Or your a working Momma, or a working woman that just needs some deep self-care. A day where you get pampered with hair and makeup and feel BAD ASS about yourself! Feel like the QUEEN you are! All of you have your own reason for wanting to do a boudoir photo shoot. Whatever your reason is, I know it is meaningful to you, and I want to help you celebrate your day and FEEL YOUR BEST YOU!

Myth #4: Boudoir is expensive.

Okay this one is tough. There will be a photographer for everyone. Just like anything else you buy, the better the quality the more it costs. For me, I'm not just selling you products, I am offering you a once in a lifetime experience. I am giving you your confidence back! I am giving you the opportunity for you to present your self in a new light to your spouse, your kids, your best friends. They'll notice your glow. They will notice how you hold your head up higher and smile more! What I create with you are the result of the entire experience. I want you to walk out of the studio with your head held higher and a confidence your family/friends haven't seen before.


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